At Mountain Man Trading Post - Belgrade, we offer as much as possible on each and every one of your items. However, some items are more valuable to us than others. Items that hold their resale value well, such as guns and gold, are the types of items we can loan the most amount of money on. Also, items from top-of-the-line name brand companies such as Snap-On, Honda, Hilti, Apple or many others, will have a much greater resale value than the same type of item made by a lesser manufacturer. Please keep this information in mind when trying to decide what items you would like to get a loan on. We will always offer you top dollar on any item, but remember, we can get you more for your A+ Items.

Even though we always will offer you top dollar on any of your possessions, some items are harder for us to maximize your value on than others. Items such as jackets, boots, strollers, broken electronics or very dirty possessions have much less resale value than A+ items. Please plan accordingly so we can help you get the amount of money you need, today!