How Does a Short-Term Pawn Loan Work?

It's Simple!  Bring an item you own of value(collateral) into our store. We will research and evaluate the item. Then we will offer you as much money as we possibly can based on your items value.

When conducting a pawn loan, it is mandatory to have either a valid state-issued photo I.D. or driver’s license.

Pawning or selling an item with us can take as little as Five to 10 minutes.

  1. Bring your item into our store.
  2. We will research your item if necessary. Then we evaluate it based on both quality and condition and give you our best offer.
  3. At this point you can either choose to sell us your property or take out a short-term loan.
  4. If you decide to pawn your item, we will hold it as collateral for the duration of the 30 day loan.
  5. If the Item is not redeemed by the end of your contract term, you may choose:
    • to extend the loan to a new date, or
    • to not pay back the loan - in which case Mountain Man Trading Post will take possession of your property.

To see what kind of valuables Mountain Man is paying top dollar for click here.

All items at Mountain Man Trading Post are suitable for pawning. However, some items are more valuable than others. Items like gold and silver, guns, gems, jewelry, coins, musical instruments, electronics, iPads, laptops and tools all make excellent choices when looking for items to bring into for a loan. 



Looking for the perfect gift for the Holidays? Don't have enough money to purchase the item today? Don't Worry! We offer a no-fee, no-hassle 90-day layaway program on all items for sale in our retail store. Simply stop in to pick out the item you want, put 1/3 down, then you will have 90 days to pay the balance to pick up your item. A great way to plan ahead!


In addition to our Pawn and retail services, we offer the lowest firearm transfers in the Gallatin Valley, at $20 per gun. We offer discounts for multiple guns being transferred in the same transaction. Call for our FFL. 406 388 8388. Also, we offer background checks on any person to person gun sales for a $20 flat fee.